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  I do love the classics, and do like the fact that others have done the heavy lifting of getting them into electronic format for me.  8)

Cover for MobileReference e-book edition of Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle e-book edition by MobileReference

  Unfortunately, we often get what we pay for, and sometimes I would rather pay for some added features or quality.  I have more than one copy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, to include some electronic ones.  I decided that I’d like to see about selecting a good quality, well formatted electronic version, that also included some of his other works, such as his well regarded historical adventure, The White Company.   I ended up purchasing the MobileReference version from Amazon for my iPad/iPhone Kindle apps, and read again the first Sherlock Holmes novel, A Study in Scarlet.  I was happy with the MobileReference edition, especially with the added value of the index which links to the start of the story, allowing ready access to each one.  They also do a good job with providing footnotes, especially for the errors in the text which they identify based on their goal of making an accurate electronic version of the published edition they are using as their source material.

Cover for MobileReference e-book edition of Twain

Mark Twain e-book edition by MobileReference

  What with Spring, and the promise of Summer coming on, and perhaps also due to publicity over the recent 100 year anniversary of Mark Twain’s death, I felt in the mood for some Huckleberry Finn, and some Tom Sawyer.  Being now a satisfied customer of a MobileReference e-book, I’ve gone back to Amazon and have now also purchased and downloaded their Mark Twain edition.  It also contains “Following the Equator“, which I have in paperback but for some reason have not yet gotten around to reading, altho I’ve always wanted to … I do, indeed, have way more books than time to read them, alas.


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