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  … and walked out with a 16GB iPad.  The previous day’s announcement of multitasking coming this year in iPhone OS 4 did have me more receptive to the potential of the iPad when I gave it a hands-on test drive.  😎

  I have Stanza, eReader, and Kindle apps on my iPod Touch, but did not own a larger screened e-book reader.  I surely do love the font resizing, and the larger screen of the iPad over my iPod Touch.  My initial e-book reader thoughts are that the iPad is an ideal complement to my iPod Touch, especially when used with an app that exists on both devices.  A book purchase or download is then readily available whether you have the larger or smaller device with you, which is a good fit for me.   

  The Kindle app offers the additional benefit of not only having a version specifically developed for each device, but also syncs your progress between them. So, if you are reading on your iPad, you can then easily pick up at that exact spot if you later find yourself unexpectedly with time on your hands and your iPhone / iPod Touch handy but not your iPad.  (Or with your BlackBerry, if that’s your smartphone.)

Cherie Priest's Boneshaker novel

Cherie Priest's 2010 Hugo Award nominated Boneshaker

   Apple’s iBooks app for the iPad appears to be well implemented, but since it is currently without a companion iPod Touch / iPhone app it doesn’t fit my situation as well as the Kindle app.  Which is why I purchased Cherie Priest’s 2010 Hugo Award nominated* Boneshaker via the Kindle from Amazon, instead of Apple’s iBookstore (it was the same price from Amazon and Apple, with Amazon having the notation “This price was set by the publisher“).   

  Of course, this is a dynamic situation.  Apple plans to bring out their iBooks app for the iPhone / iPad Touch with iPhone OS 4, when it arrives later this year.  Amazon will continue to add features to their iPad Kindle app, like the announced “Search and instant dictionary lookup” features.  I would hope to see the option to choose fonts in the Kindle app, like you currently can in iBooks and Stanza, as a feature for future development.   The Kindle app does let you resize the font, and it allows you to have white text on a black background, a feature I liked to use in Stanza on my iPod Touch in low light reading situations.  I did not see a white text option in iBooks, something I hope to see them add as they continue development.  

  I was sorry to see that my favorite iPod Touch e-reader, Stanza, upon initial inspection did not appear to do well with the size doubling feature (same situation exists with Barnes and Noble’s eReader), and causes Lexcycle’s Stanza to fall out of favor, for me, on the iPad.  Perhaps there are font choices that will do better with size doubling?  I do like Amazon, but was saddened to see that they felt compelled to buy Lexcycle last year, and the lack of current work at Lexcycle to customize Stanza for the iPad may be the fallout for us.  Hopefully the Lexcycle expertise has and will benefit the Kindle app development, to include future font options? 

  Naturally, in addition to considering the iPad as an e-book reader, the fact that I could also utilize my other iPod Touch apps, to include my puzzles and other games, had a major influence on the attraction of the larger screened iPad.  😎

* We won’t know until this year’s Worldcon in Melbourne, in September 2010, who the winner is.


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“Lately it occurs to me …

… what a long, strange trip it’s been”

  And, as the Grateful Dead would also tell us, the journey continues on.

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